Environmental, Social and Governance

2020 Report for Enterprise Financial Services Corp

"Guiding people to a lifetime of financial success" has been the mission at Enterprise Financial Services Corp — the parent company of Enterprise Bank & Trust —since our founding. Embedded in this mission is our awareness of the importance of ensuring our communities and society are successful, and our environment thrives. Our goal with this report is to provide insight and transparency into our efforts around environmental, social and governance issues, and to hold ourselves and our Company to a high level of accountability as we work to execute our mission.

ERM Framework

ESG Governance

Our commitment to sustainability begins with the Board of Directors of Enterprise. As the governing body responsible for our general oversight and strategic direction, the Board establishes parameters to ensure that our interactions with society and the environment are considered in connection with all business activities.

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Pandemic Preparedness

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly changed the way Enterprise operates. By utilizing our Business Continuity Plan and Pandemic Plan, we have been able to successfully navigate the COVID-19 pandemic with no significant interruptions. While the challenges brought on by COVID-19 are, in many ways, novel, we know we must remain prepared to deal with future pandemics. Our plans used in responding to COVID-19 will form the basis for future responses to dangerous contagious diseases, should the need arise.



We understand climate change may present certain risks to our business. With the oversight of our Board and the Risk Committee, we are beginning to formulate processes for identifying, measuring and modeling the impact of climate-related risks and their potential significance to our ongoing business operations and long-term value. As we continue to work to understand the risks and expand on and enhance our climate response, we may include specific climate change considerations into our risk management protocol, strategic planning, organizational goals and operational procedures.

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Additional Important Governance Policies

Every associate and Board Member receives and attests to our Code of Ethics annually and has access to our Ethics and Compliance Hotline to report potential violations of policies, procedures or regulations
in a confidential manner.

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Community Involvement

We are committed to managing our business and community relationships in ways that positively impact our associates, clients and the diverse communities where we live and work. We have a long-standing history of supporting our communities. In September 2020, we issued our first Community Impact Report, providing information and stories about our various community engagement initiatives, including affordable housing, volunteerism, philanthropy, diversity and inclusion, education, and community development. Our Community Impact Report is available at yipinzixun.com/impact, and a few examples of our endeavors are described within this section.

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Human Capital

Several of our Guiding Principles focus on our associates and the communities in which we work and live. We pride ourselves on creating an open, diverse and transparent culture that celebrates teamwork and recognizes associates at all levels. We expect and encourage participation and collaboration, and understand that we need each other to be successful. We value accountability because it is essential to our success, and we accept our responsibility to hold ourselves and others accountable for meeting shareholder commitments and achieving exceptional standards of performance. We also believe in work/life balance for our associates.